Dreaming of a seamless personal area network

As I’m still part of the digitally divided, my attention has turned to other gadgets within my personal (computing) networking space such as a recently acquired Nokia 6288 mobile phone.

Now, don’t get me wrong as I still like my Palm T|X, but full credit to Nokia for bundling Nokia PC Suite with the phone as it was just so, so easy to get my Lotus Notes-based calendar to automatically synchronise with the phone using Bluetooth. The experience with my Palm on the other hand has never been quite as easy – in fact if a Palm application can’t access or synchronise directly across Wifi then I won’t even bother with Hotsync these days.

However, what I can’t appear to do is to get all three devices – phone, PDA and laptop – to collaborate together using Bluetooth. If only I could mesh them together into a seamless personal area network. Any ideas that don’t involve have a thousand different sync’ing applications running in the background?

BTW Good news… as of this morning I have a landline. No broadband yet, but at least I have dial up 🙂 Whoops spoke to soon – no dialup yet either!