Mobile Music at the Pub

I missed this Uni in the Brewery session in Wollongong about making music from mobile phones the other day, but heard Associate Professor Greg Schiemer interviewed on local radio before the event. One of the interesting challenges of Schiemer‘s work is that the mobile phones they are programming to create the music are rapidly becoming out of date and therefore in short supply.

Schiemer‘s approach to making music with mobile phones is quite different from the “spitting” approach I have heard about before. But what they have in common is that neither need a service provider – at most they use personal area networks.

BTW For those of you following my own connectivity saga, there is still no Internet at home.


One thought on “Mobile Music at the Pub

  1. James,I can’t believe there is so much drama to get your household’s telecommunications service to work. So much for the “clever country”.

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