How Web 2.0 is the Rugby World Cup?

How Web 2.0 is the Rugby World Cup? Officially, not very by the looks of things. I did manage to find a single RSS news feed, but its an all or nothing affair that provides headlines only. Still, if there is a feed then that’s a start at least… there is a lot you can mashup from that with a bit of effort.

On the other hand, the BBC offers a feast of Web 2.0 options with blogs, twitter and flickr plus podcasts.

Australia’s ABC isn’t too bad as their Website has some interesting Web 2.0‘ish features including personalised tagging and a tag cloud anyway – but its a shame that the tag data doesn’t make into their RSS feed; and there is nothing special for the Rugby World Cup either.

Overall verdict: Thumbs down.


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  1. dear dear boy, you just aren’t searching hard enough. What more do you need than The Chic Girl’s Guide to Rugby? šŸ˜› Nah its not one of my blogs, but I wish it was!

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