Zimbra point out the compliance issues with outsourced Office 2.0

More commentary, this time from Zimbra, on the Goolge Apps deal with Capgemini, that incidentally reflects my earlier comments:

Zimbra says that since all Google docs and files are stored on Google’s servers, public companies would face big Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues if they deployed Google Apps. The solution? You guessed, it: deploy Zimbra instead. Zimbra told R/WW that their messaging and collaboration platform ‘provides enterprise customers with freedoms that Google Apps just can’t provide, including the ability to archive for compliance purposes.’

Its a good point, but I think the compliance gap is a lot easier for Google or another Office 2.0 contender to fill than the mashing gap I also mentioned.


One thought on “Zimbra point out the compliance issues with outsourced Office 2.0

  1. Well, if it is apples-to-apples, you’d have to compare Google apps to a Zimbra hosting provider like 01 or Simply. In that case, you have the same problem.The difference is that Zimbra can be hosted on-prem by organizations, if you want to run an OS X or linux server.

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