Slides from my Intranet 2.0 workshop

I’ll write up my comments and observations from Intranets ’07 in a later post, but in the meantime the slides as promised are up on SlideShare:

One of the key discussion points in this workshop is about the form versus function aspects of the new Web 2.0 technologies and how that impacts Intranet 1.0 and drives expectations and needs for Intranet 2.0.


4 thoughts on “Slides from my Intranet 2.0 workshop

  1. James,Very interesting presentation, and choice of images. I will certainly re-use some of your concept, thinking, advices.

  2. Thanks for sharing James. I wish I was there.Any chance of doing this again for the NSW-KM Forum audience? I’ll come up from Melbourne for it.P.S. Loved the second last slide. You could wear that outfit when you speak to the NSW-KM Forum. 🙂

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