Arrhhh! Getting sucked in by Twitter…

Ok. I only intended to blog about it, but I got sucked in by the apps:

I haven’t picked a desktop Twitter application yet.


3 thoughts on “Arrhhh! Getting sucked in by Twitter…

  1. there is a log in the twibble menu that might be helpful to locate an error. You can also increase the log level in the setting dialog. twibble should run fine on most current Nokia devices.

  2. Hi James! Welcome to TwitterLand! Glad you could make it! I will link to your previous blog post on Twitter and micro-blogging, but I thought I would drop by in here and suggest one of my favourite desktop apps. for Twitter that works both for Windows and Mac. It is called Tweet-r. Highly recommended! Also folks on the Mac are making use of Twitterific, but I still like Tweet-r much much better. Perhaps worth while a try. Welcome again to TwitterLand and hope to speak to you soon!

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