If you could be a social technology, be RSS/XML

Charlene Li is Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research was asked, if she could be a social technology, which would she be? Charlene Li replied:

RSS/XML. Nobody would know who I am or what my initials mean, but I make everything work together. I’d be the foundation of mashups, social applications, and widgets. Without me, the social Web would grind to a halt.

Nice reply 😉

And remember, the Enterprise RSS Day of Action is only a day away!


One thought on “If you could be a social technology, be RSS/XML

  1. Have a wonderful day James – and congratulations for mobilizing around the globe to get this day rolling. I’ll be chiming in tomorrow (it’s still the 23rd here) to follow up with more of the conversation.Cheers – and well done.

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