Moving this blog to Posterous

To quote myself:

“I’ve been thinking about migrating my original blog off of blogger and on to something like a hosted WordPress site or something similar. Since moving to a Mac in March, I’ve also found that blogging without Windows Live Writer just isn’t the same either 😉 But then I find myself getting caught up on what theme to use, different widgets and all that complication… and all I really want is something clean and simple (I’m sure most of you only read my RSS feed anyway) where I share news, ideas and other things I’ve found and have the odd conversation too. I had discovered Posterous a while ago and thought it looked interesting, but then did nothing about it. So, here I am now! Welcome to my new blog.”

If you subscribe to my Feedburner RSS feed, I’m pointing that at my new Posterous’ feed already.


2 thoughts on “Moving this blog to Posterous

  1. James,I used to work at KWeb till very recently and am very interested in your "Online Collaboration Tools, Knowledge Managers, and a Cooperative Culture" case study. Would you be able to point me to where I can access it please?

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