The most important or interesting things people heard at the KM Forum

At the end of tonight’s conversation cafe, I asked everyone to tell me what was the most important or interesting thing they had heard – this is that list:

  • Care and motivation
  • Copy (reuse) what people are doing overseas
  • Government 2.0 could really be described as “Government Party” – inspiring things can happen when people meet
  • Government 2.0 gives people that care a voice
  • Government 2.0 is about maintaining relationships, not occasional engagements or consultations with people
  • Government 2.0 is not a brand new idea, its just that government is the last to adopt these ideas. We need to show them examples
  • Government 2.0 needs a purpose
  • Government 2.0 should make things easy for the user (and they might use government online more)
  • Government 2.0 will happen despite government
  • Government simply using Web 2.0 is not Government 2.0 – it must include participation and decision making
  • How do we include people (digital divide) – social networking could be the way in
  • How do we make Government 2.0 accessible
  • If people feel valued, they will contribute
  • Innovation involves failure
  • Its the manner in which Government 2.0 is introduced (behaviour change)
  • Not about us and them – we are the government
  • Putting a value on knowledge
  • What will be the impact of the current economic environment vs the vision of Government 2.0
  • We need critical mass to be effective
  • What’s the motivation for transparency?
  • What’s the motivation?

I haven’t done any analysis or sorting of these just yet, but feel free to add any immediate comments (or corrections if any of these are your points) you might have.


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  1. Looks like it was a great night @chieftech – wish we could have made it. This is an interesting list…

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