The Wizard of Enterprise 2.0


The Enterprise 2.0 Conference is a Wizard of Oz event for me – I don’t mean I’m the Tin Man waiting for a Dorothy to take me down the Yellow Brick Road to Boston, but like many of these overseas conferences it looks like a magical place that I can just glimpse far, far away on the horizon. I actually haven’t been following it that closely this year – I’ve been far to consumed with my own projects and helping to push our local Government 2.0 agenda with events like Public Sphere and Us Now Sydney (have you got your tickets yet for the 9th?). However, I have enjoyed reading a couple of summary posts from Gil Yehuda, particularly installment 1 and installment 2 of the 3 he has posted so far.

I particularly like his point about the frustration of hearing yet more “motherhood and apple-pie” lessons about E2.0. He also writes:

We need to further clarify what we mean when we say Enterprise 2.0. It started to get pretty slippery at times. I heard about many Web 2.0 concepts.  But fewer Enterprise perspectives. Yes, they were there. And indeed those were the highlights of the show. But I’m not going out there and telling businesses that they should allow intranet access to Facebook and YouTube in order to make their workers more productive. Really now. We’re inspired by Web 2.0, but we have to bring it to the work context.

I had always hoped that we might see a guiding light coming from the father of Enterprise 2.0 on these matters. I know he has a book coming out and all that (which is great, as its still likely to be essential reading as a primer on the topic) but as the idea of enterprise social computing evolves, I find that I’m still looking but failing to find any new magic in these ideas. Perhaps however its just a case of the concept maturing and that we do understand it enough. Maybe its simply time to stop thinking about it and just take action?

I noticed Susan writing about the Enterprise 2.0 Conference that:

Yes, the baby was born in ’06, started crawling in ’07, and now is running around like a maniac with boundless energy in ’09. The Enterprise 2.0 movement is now a healthy child, growing stronger and more willful every day (just a cabinet door away from getting into trouble…)

Perhaps, what people are gradually learning as Enterprise 2.0 grows up – just like Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion – is that they don’t really need any more magic and that they actually do have the brains, heart, and courage to make it happen if they try. Some where over the rainbow indeed?

What do you think?

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  1. Ha, ha, thanks for the humorous analogy. You might be interested in this summary about reactions to the conference which is that “Enterprise 2.0” is still very much in its infancy and struggling for identity. Issues about deployment and ROI have begun to surface which is showing that the enterprise is making progress in its quest to find a heart, a brain, home, and the nerve.

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