Lego Reboot Britain ( #rebootbritain ) – a set on Flickr

On 6 July 2009, participants at Reboot Britain ( were invited to make their own idea of what would help to reboot Britain, in Lego.

Why? The idea is that building with the hands prompts different ways of thinking … ideas emerge … the process gives a voice to the regular delegates at this grand event with big-name speakers … and everyone is drawn to view each others’ interesting, clever, pretty models.

Make yourself a cup of tea and view the slideshow.

David Gauntlett, University of Westminster –

I watched some of Reboot Britain‘s live feed last night… but as that and even the Twitter stream fade, this hands on social media is an interesting memory from the event. However, to the point above about giving ‘regular’ delegates a voice, Julian Dobson comments in his blog that all this participatory media (Lego or otherwise) means “bog-all out there in Britain’s Twitterless wastes”. I have some sympathy for his point of view, but this issue of cathedral and bazaar is not a new one. Technology is enabling more people to see inside the cathedral at least, but the onus is still on those where ever they participated to go out, share and create their own bazaars where they are really needed. Its also very easy to say that social media doesn’t have any impact on real people or real issues if you haven’t actually given it a try – as I imagine some people would say about the Lego, why would I want to represent my ideas in little plastic building blocks? Because if it comes to nothing, it hasn’t cost you anything either.