Advocating Policy in the Wonderful World of Web 2.0 – Thursday @ UNSW

Along with the events I mentioned the other day, I’ve also been invited to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of Advocating Policy in the Wonderful World of Web 2.0 this week at UNSW on Thursday evening, along with Martin Stewart-Weeks (Cisco, Government 2.0 Task Force member and part of the Australian Social Innovation eXchange) and Matt Crozier (BangTheTable). The brief for the evening is:

There is much discussion about the way in which social networking tools and platforms of Web 2.0 are dramatically changing the conduct of politics, policy and governance. The default position is that they promise, and in some cases are already delivering, a more open, transparent and engaging model of policy making and engagement between citizens and government and between citizens themselves. Democracy is being democratized. It’s an alluring claim. The question is whether it is true or not. The discussion will provide an informal and conversational opportunity to talk about the promise and the pitfalls of these new technologies and their impact on the business of advocacy.

It should be a nice warm up for NSW Public Sphere the following day! This seminar is open to the public:

Central Lecture Block 1

PS If you missed watching the Us Now documentary at #usnowsydney, don’t forget we are running a repeat screening before NSW Public Sphere starts. You need to sign up here.