Preparations for Australian Social Innovation Camp in 2010 start now…

Ok. I’ve been a little slow in talking about Social Innovation Camp coming to Australia, but I really think its an important milestone in the bigger picture of Government 2.0 here. But what exactly is SI Camp all about?

Social Innovation Camp is an experiment in creating social innovations for the digital age.

We think the web and related technologies hold huge potential to change some pretty fundamental stuff: how people hold those in positions of power accountable; who they rely on to provide the services they need to live healthy, happy lives; or how they make a difference to something that affects them.

But for any of this to happen, we have to work out what people really need and start building the technology that can help – which is what Social Innovation Camp is all about.

Through unusual, creative events we bring together talented software developers and designers with social innovators to build effective web-based solutions to real social problems.

The main event is taking place on the weekend of the 5th – 7th March, 2010. Now that might sound like its a while away, but if you have an idea for an Australian Web-based social start up you need to start getting involved right now! The first Sydney SI Camp meet up is being held tomorrow (Wednesday), with meetings is Canberra and Brisbane coming during the next month.

The Australian Social Innovation eXchange, in partnership with Nonprofit Australia and UNSW’s Centre for Social Impact. Headshift has supported SI Camp in the UK, so fingers crossed we’ll try to find someway of supporting it here too.


2 thoughts on “Preparations for Australian Social Innovation Camp in 2010 start now…

  1. I tried to get a Social Innovation Camp blended into the AMPLIFY09 Innovation & Thought Leadership Festival at AMP this year but couldn’t find anyone to own and drive that stream…so, best wishes for SI Camp Sydney and let me know if I can do anything to help. My role in South Africa prior to AMP was all about Social Innovation and the work of my team at BHP Billiton won countless international awards for innovation and best practice. It was an awesome era.

  2. SI Camp are looking for participants not only to submit ideas, but also as developers, business advisors, video/communication experts, marketing/branding specialists, social need/subject expert, facilitators/mentors, designers and even event helpers. Let them know how you can help by signing up here

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