Knock! Knock! Why I’m excited about Headshift + Dachis

For those of you who know me in Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific in particular but don’t know Headshift or the Dachis team very well, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about right now. I know a couple of people have even said to me, I thought it was just you that was Headshift? I’ll take that as a compliment, but the truth is Headshift is a much bigger team than just me and through the Dachis Group acquisition we have just grown again (and not just in terms of headcount).

Headshift have an impressive reputation in Europe, while the heritage of the Dachis Group speaks for itself. Anne Bartlett-Bragg was so convinced by the Headshift story that she established a presence here in Australia last year – she wrote today:

“Nearly 18 months ago I convinced Lee & Livio that a presence in the Australian / S.E. Asian region was a significant opportunity worth exploring…and reflecting upon our journey, I believe we’ve brought a level expertise informed by experience and best practice from Headshift UK to the region.”

Similar to Anne, the most important part of this latest stage in Headshift’s (and the Dachis Group’s) evolution is the confidence it gives me about my own ideas about the importance of intelligently mixing business management and technology management, rather than pimping “10 tips for successful CEO blogging”. We are calling this Social Business Design.

As Lee writes:

“We are ready to move beyond the experimental phase to create real business transformation. Leaving behind the niche world of enterprise 2.0, we are ready to work with businesses at a senior level to run change programmes aimed at bringing their processes, internal IT and communications into the Twenty-First Century. It has never been cheaper or easier to collaborate online. It has never been easier to harness people power to drive business performance. It has never been easier to engage with customers and business partners. Yet, as we know, most companies have come to accept an overly bureaucratic, process-heavy high-cost model of doing business as the norm. They need credible partners who can operate across technology, organisational design and business analysis to help meet this challenge, not just evangelists or technology vendors. That’s our role.”

I had to make a decision at the start of the year – I had more than a couple of fantastic opportunities present themselves to me at that time, including going back into a traditional (but very progressive) consulting firm and even returning to the ‘light side’ in an intranet/collaboration role. But I picked Headshift because they have some great people, are passionate about what they do and ultimately because all my experiences point to the fact that this is where my domain of interest is heading.

PS Hat tip to Susan Scrupski for the inspiration for the title of this post.


3 thoughts on “Knock! Knock! Why I’m excited about Headshift + Dachis

  1. I reckon I couldn’t be more excited about the change you guys are making unless I worked for either Headshift or Dachis – both companies whose work and people I respect a great deal.Who knows, there may need to be an expansion?

  2. Glad you made the “right” decision!! You play a pivotal role in the HOZ team! Thanks for everything! đŸ˜‰

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