Recommended podcasts from the ABC and BBC: Future Tense, Tech Stream & Digital Planet

I thought I might share a few of my favourite podcasts from Australia and the UK with you. Don’t be put off the ‘technocentric’ sounding names of these radio shows, as they frequently cover the artistic, social and organisational impacts of technology as much as they cover technology and technology innovation itself. I’ve scoured the Web and iTunes for similar podcasts, but these are my top three recommendations.

Future Tense (ABC Radio National)

Future Tense is essential listening for those interested in exploring the social, cultural, political and economic fault lines arising from rapid change. The weekly half-hour program/podcast takes a critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking. From politics to media to environmental sustainability, nothing is outside its brief. Future Tense explores the issues and provides critical analysis, offering an insight into how our world is changing and how we in turn are learning to adapt.

Tech Stream (ABC Radio National Australia)

A weekly wrap of new gadgets, consumer electrical, computers and IT, mobile devices, video gaming, online trends and web culture.

Digital Planet (BBC World Service)

How digital technology affects our lives around the world.

If you have any of your own recommendations for podcasts with similar themes, I’d love to hear them.

BTW to the producers and hosts of these shows, keep up the good work! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Recommended podcasts from the ABC and BBC: Future Tense, Tech Stream & Digital Planet

  1. Thanks for recommending Tech Stream James. Its much appreciated! I subscribe to a few technology related podcasts myself including another great BBC one called Pods and Blogs – – as well as the GDGT gadget-focused podcast and the Guardian’s Tech Weekly, both of which are easy to find on iTunes.Cheers,Ryan (Tech Stream, ABC Radio Australia)

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