Two dot oh crashing the party

Open government advocates outside the technology community stress that new applications such as wikis, which are Web pages that any user can edit, are one tool for creating transparency in government, but “wiki government” is not the solution, they argue.

Some people will no doubt interpret this to mean that Government 2.0 isn’t about the technology. But I think this is a huge trap that the whole two do oh meme crowd is falling into. I don’t just mean in relation to Government 2.0, but including Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0 and all the rest that have adopted it. I mean that there is more to understanding human society than Web 2.0, there is more to management than Enterprise 2.0, and there is more to Open Government than Government 2.0.

Personally, if I was one of those Open Government advocates outside of the technology community, I would be concerned too about my agenda being hijacked.

But while Open Government might not be about the technology, Government 2.0 *is* about using technology to do ‘Government’ in ways that were never possible before.

You get the idea, right?

Two do oh isn’t the theory of everything that some claim it to be. Its just a useful label. A flag that we can gather around for a moment to explore the possibilities new technology presents, understand how it affects others aspects of society, and try out new methods. And then we move on, because one day this will just be business as usual.

So, shake hands and make friends. Both sides have something to teach the other.