Mashing the Aussie State: Geocoding Medicare office location data

Just for fun(!), I geocoded the Medicare office locations released as part of the ‘beta’ initiative and then put it on a map:


Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere to host the map itself (because of the script, I can’t post it here), however the raw geocoded data is available via Google Docs.

4 thoughts on “Mashing the Aussie State: Geocoding Medicare office location data

  1. Hi,When I click on a market it opens a window with the map in it again, rather than a text bubble with info about the site. Is that deliberate?A couple of basic ideas for you…. have text bubbles appear for each location containing a streetview image of the office, contact details and a star rating system, so people can rate their favourite Medicare shopfront (perhaps also with comments).Given that Medicare offices are in my experience very efficient, it would be interesting to see which is rated as the best shopfront!.

  2. I couldn’t actually embed the live map, so its just an image! But now that the data is geocoded, anyone can create a map (or whatever) from it.

  3. Neil – that is a reasonable question, but it misses the point. Yes, you can browse the Medicare site and eventually find office locations plotted on a map. But that is all you can do with it and the Medicare site is the only place you can do it.The point of releasing this data is so it can be:Used in different places; andCombined with other data.Obviously we need to release *other* government data to make it more useful, otherwise we are limited to re-plotting the same information on to different maps.BTW If Medicare are already plotting office locations on a map, it would be good if we could have a geocoded list of office locations.

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