Enterprise 2.0 Coffee Meetup in Sydney tomorrow (Friday)


Because of projects and Government 2.0 events etc, I haven’t had a lot of time in recent weeks to just catch up with people… so I thought I’d do something about it!

If you’re around in Sydney tomorrow (Friday) I have some time free first thing in the morning and would love to catch up with any like minded people to chat about Enterprise 2.0, Knowledge Management, Intranets and (to use Headshift’s new Social Business Design related phrase) Workforce Collaboration. Social media on the Web is great and all, but one of my passions is getting social computing into the enterprise is my passion 🙂

I have some experiences with enterprise social computing, wikis, private social networking tools and SharePoint from the last 6 months or so that I’d love to share over some caffeine.

Send me an email, use a carrier pigeon, Twitter me or just call me on 0414 233711 etc if you’re interested. I’m thinking about 9am, but can meet earlier if people prefer.

Depending on who’s interested, I’ll pick a good location somewhere in the CBD somewhere (or take a suggestion).

PS I’m not sure I’ll be walking all the way to work tomorrow, but maybe from the station to where ever we meet! 🙂

UPDATE: Unfortunately a meeting has come up so I can’t make a early start, but if you are in the Surry Hills area at about 11am let me know as I have about a hour spare to chat about all things enterprise social computing flavoured.

4 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Coffee Meetup in Sydney tomorrow (Friday)

  1. I was thinking of coming in first to join you guys but also need to connect up with some E2.0 folks!

  2. Great initiative James. I have to be at Oz-IA at Star City by 8.30 so will have to wait til next time the roadshow’s in town!

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