Alex Manchester on the future of intranets – all about people

I have my own views and I’m writing them up at the moment. They’ve been greatly informed and developed in the past few weeks and months. The one clue I’ll give is that I’m deeply inclined to think it’s about people. People, people, people. 100%. Not just people in the Web 2.0 sense of ‘better communication, conversation, collaboration wah wah wah….’ but, literally, about the fact that everything your organisation’s intranet does and the way it thinks, behaves and interacts should begin with the people who are doing what your organisation does.

I’ve been a little dubious about the ‘innovation’ in Step Two’s Intranet Innovation Awards in the past, although there is no doubt they highlight good practice (of which I have some other views as you may know). However, Alex is seeing evidence of some interesting trends this year that have caught my attention – it certainly reflects the focus area for intranets that Headshift has been working in for some time. If you are curious to learn more, Step Two are running some briefings in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra during November to help promote the Innovation Awards report.


One thought on “Alex Manchester on the future of intranets – all about people

  1. Thanks for the mention, James. I’d disagree about previous years, of course ;-), but along with some more very strong winners overall, including some masterful system implementation, ROI examples and more, this theme of ‘people as the focus’ is really quite exciting. I wrote my editorial for the report this week, and reiterate that I think it could be one of the most important step changes yet seen in intranet development. We’re unveiling the Award winners on 5 November in Sydney (at the link you’ve provided above). It will be great to talk more about it with you and others in the intranet space and see where it all might lead.

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