Scrumptious – roll your own SideWiki for your intranet?

You might have heard me talking before about Google’s SideWiki and I said:

“wouldn’t this kind of functionality be great on an intranet? It would be one way of upgading legacy apps with some social capabilities?”

Well, Scrumptious could well be it. And perhaps even more elegantly, it is based on solid RESTful principles and uses the open source TiddlyWeb server as a backend (TiddlyWeb is the back end for TiddlyWiki), which offers a range of potiential benefits in terms of this being an inhouse version of SideWiki – e.g. browsable, searchable, mashable and ‘securable’. I really hope Scrumptious continues to be developed.

Michael Mahemoff (Scrumptious’ creator) also pointed me to this list of, digg clones and Open Source Social Bookmarking Engines.

Hat tip to the comments on Mark Morrell’s blog.


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