12 knowledge worker profiles matched to appropriate collaboration technologies


The authors of this short piece on collaboration propose 12 categories of knowledge worker that they have matched to different collaboration technologies that have defined as being well suited, adequate or ill suited.

I’m a little worried about some of the suggested technologies (they recommend fax machines for some, but why not scan-to-email?) and I think you need to be careful to rule out a tool that is marked as ill suited for collaboration as it might still have application to that knowledge worker *outside* the domain of collaboration itself. However, even thinking about the 12 categories does help to raise awareness that different knowledge workers have different collaboration needs, and that’s a good thing!

They also 10 forms of waste in collaboration, which might be a great starting point for putting together a business case to support collaboration with technology.


One thought on “12 knowledge worker profiles matched to appropriate collaboration technologies

  1. You always know when something is going mainstream because there’s a McKinsey article about it. They are the John Farnham of management thinking.

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