Russell L. Ackoff: 1919 -2009

Professor Russell L. Ackoff has been described as a Renaissance Man, architect, city planner, philosopher, behavioral scientist, trailblazer in the field of organizational operations, the pre-eminent authority on organizational systems theory, best-selling author, world traveler—even a humorist.  Recognized internationally as a pragmatic academic, Russ, as he was known to all, devoted most of his professional life to “dissolving” complex societal and organizational problems by engaging all stakeholders in designing solutions.

So much for the real-time Web. I have only just heard today that influential system thinker, Russ Ackoff, passed away on the 29th October.

If you haven’t heard of Ackoff, his Wikipedia entry is a great starting point. Right now I am reading his 1967 paper on Management Misinformation Systems (PDF). Absolutely brilliant!