Internal microblogging case study from an organisation with only 30+ staff

“Even though we have a small staff–around 33 employees–there were many silos built up across the department,” he says. Microblogging, he hoped, would help get his staff talking and collaborating.

After evaluating several microblogging tools, Eby and his team decided on Socialtext’s Signals, a microblogging tool that is accessed via a browser, mobile device or an Adobe AIR desktop application and is integrated with a wiki, social networking profiles and “activity streams” (which are similar to the Facebook News Feed).

This CIO article highlights 3 enterprise microblogging case studies – two of the case studies are about large technology companies (still interesting, but not necessarily reflective of everyone’s experience). However, the other example describes the experiences of St. Louis Public Radio in the US, which only employees around 33 staff.

For me this reflects my own personal rule of thumb that its not just the size of an organisation that makes enterprise social computing useful, but the structure of the organisation and how these different roles relate to each other.