Intranets – the firewall is starting to look rather antiquated

If you work at a medium-to-large company, you probably spend more time on your company’s intranet site than on its external customer Website. Employees share content there that’s too sensitive and secret for outsiders to see.

But the internal/external wall is breaking down, as companies need to share more and more content with freelancers, external sales reps, business partners, and so many other people who can’t get inside the firewall but still need internal information.

Fortunately, today’s Web technology allows you to solve these dilemmas, and might even save you some money you’re spending on your intranet site.

I don’t have time to blog much about this particular point right now – I’m just saving this for future reference. However, I do think we are long overdue revisiting the meaning and differences between the related concepts of intranets, extranets and even the Web more generally so we can understand how certain long held assumptions might be hindering us.