Reflecting on 2009

We are nearly at the end of the year, so time for some reflection on the past 12 months.

Just briefly, a few highlights from my year:

  • I started 2009 working on a government project and also ended the year on another government project, both addressing related topics I’m very passionate about – collaboration and Government 2.0.
  • I joined Headshift in March – I’ve been busy working on a range of consulting projects and have been involved with developing sites using social platforms like WordPress, Elgg and Confluence.
  • With some help, I unorganised a screening of the Us Now documentary in Sydney… it also turned out to be a fantastic opportunity to meet some great Twitter peeps in real life too!
  • I attended BarCamp Canberra, presented at 4 Public Spheres and ran a conversation cafe at the NSW KM Forum – all setting the scene for lots of activity around Government 2.0 here in Australia during the last 6 months.
  • I also helped to launch an industry cluster, for the IT community in the Illawarra region of Australia (where I live).
  • We finally organised an Enterprise 2.0 meetup in Sydney – hopefully this will grow in 2010.
You’ll notice there is quite a strong Government 2.0 and community flavour above. However, I had a quick look at my site stats this morning and its quite obvious that the most popular posts have an Enterprise 2.0 theme. My old blog (after nearly five years, I migrated from Blogger to Posterous in June this year) still receives quite a few hits, although with so much content it is a little harder to see a pattern.

The top post on this blog was 14 Reasons Why Enterprise 2.0 Projects Fail versus 4 Rules of Thumb, while the top 2009 post from my old blog was SharePoint and Enterprise 2.0 (if you enjoyed that post, see my IDM article cross posted on the HOZ blog – SharePoint or Wiki?).

There are also a lot of posts I still didn’t get time to make (including some things to say about #nocleanfeed, but all in good time), although I’ve enjoyed the dynamic of using Posterous for the most part – it has made it easier to post a mixture of event photos, bookmarks and longer post too. Twitter is great, but 140 characters just isn’t enough (Twitter + Posterous = a great combination btw).

Hopefully during January I might be able to touch on some of those topics, like:
  • The state of intranets and intranet management (a bit of a bug bear topic for me).
  • Dealing with ‘social’ in Enterprise 2.0.
  • Talking about not-SharePoint. And probably SharePoint too. 😉 
  • What is Government 2.0 and getting beyond this idea of ‘fixing’ the public service (e.g. Social Innovation Camp).
  • Digital inclusion and exclusion.
  • Dachis Group/Headshift’s Social Business Design approach.
  • MIKE 2.0 – something I haven’t written about at all, but its very much still on my radar.
  • Knowledge management – remember that?
Ok. That’s all folks. Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!