Enterprise microblogging: Not just mindless chatter


My blog friend, Samuel Driessen, was quoted in this Economist piece looking at the value of enterprise social networking, particularly enterprise microblogging. He talks about the practical benefits of enterprise microblogging to his company:

“the messaging system has helped the firm spot where work is in danger of being duplicated and share information about sales prospects.”

The rest of the article is well worth reading, before you forward it to your boss 🙂

This reminds me of another great case study I came across recently, this time from Social Text (who are also quoted in the Economist) – it describes the value a manufacturing company gets from using Social Text’s integrated enterprise wiki and microblogging system:

“Signals allows all that communication to be searchable and discoverable later,” [the company’s Knowledge and Information Manager] says. “The more stuff we’ve normally done in e-mail that we can pull into a Signals is a victory as far I’m concerned.”

As these examples demonstrate, enterprise microblogging is more than mindless chatter.


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  1. Thx for the mention, James. I said a bit more than this in my talk with Marc, but happy with the series anyway.

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