Gov 2.0 and what it means for federal government departments – Canberra 5/2 @ 2pm

What is Government 2.0 all about? And how can Knowledge Management help staff in government agencies to meet its objectives?

The Federal Government sponsored Government 2.0 Taskforce presented its final report at the end of 2009 – see

As part of the Taskforce’s consultation process, they commissioned the creation of Online Engagement Guidelines and a Web 2.0 Toolkit. This was designed to provide guidance to government agencies using web 2.0 tools and provided a recommendation for a toolkit of web 2.0 technologies that agencies can use based on principles of shared services and re-use.

James Dellow will provide a briefing on:
* The Government 2.0 Taskforce
* An overview of the new Online Engagement Guidelines and Web 2.0 Toolkit
* How you can make use of it
* How your Knowledge Management skills and practices can contribute to enabling Government 2.0

James will then facilitate an open discussion on the topic, using a conversation cafe style format.

Thanks to the ACT KM community and Brad Hinton at AusAID, I’m taking advantage of the fact that I’m down in Canberra this weekend for BarCamp Canberra by running this session tomorrow (Friday) about Government 2.0, with a focus on the Online Engagement Guidelines I helped to write for Taskforce Project 8.