Reducing the Google Buzz experience to social network plumbing?

I just got this from Seesmic:

With all the buzz around Google Buzz, I have some exciting news to share! If you add your Google Talk (GTalk) account to and then add Gtalk as a service to Google Buzz, you will instantly update Google Buzz exactly at the same time as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and the 50 social networks supported by It is also much faster than adding Twitter as a service to Google Buzz which can be delayed up to an hour for your updates to show on Buzz. You can then update from any app supporting it (all Seesmic apps very soon), sms, email or…. chat. Very handy.

Great, right?

But after looking into Buzz myself, does this really mean you are getting the full Buzz experience or just plumbing social networks together? If so, Buzz is just another network.