Digital Curation: Data, with a touch of trust

Curation is the process by which aggregate data is imbued with personalised trust.

Good quote from JP.

Just a thought: Curation is not the same as creating content, in the way for example that a pro-blogger earns a living like any other advertising driven channel. So with that in mind, I wonder, can someone make a living (a job, a business, etc) from being a digital curator? Or is it something that is purely social and altruistic?

In other words, can we buy this kind of trust and are we willing to pay for it?


3 thoughts on “Digital Curation: Data, with a touch of trust

  1. I suspect that the people who understand what it is and why it is needed, won’t need to pay for it. So, the first task of the digital curators will be to explain to the wider community why they need the service.Rotsa ruck!

  2. Kerry – its funny: I was actually thinking of the problem facing traditional media online as I was writing this. Are they really digital content producers or curators? Which then comes back to your point. BTW Have you come across the term ‘churnalism’ before?

  3. The term is new to me, but I fear I’ve been guilty of it in my blog – where a new piece on churnalism will appear very shortly.Back to digital content: what a circular question!An online journalist is a content creator, but by value of the authority of their position they can become a digital curator as they aggregate pieces of data into a digital whole, which can then be churned by others who contribute to the overall personalised trust.My brain hurts.

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