Masterclass: Online community engagement for the public sector – 22nd March, 2010 – Canberra


We are taking advantage of the fact that Robin Hamman will be here in Sydney for our Social Business Summit to run a special half-day masterclass in Canberra on Monday 22nd March.

Featuring Robin and facilitated by Anne Bartlett-Bragg, the masterclass will address:

  • How existing government activities can be undertaken with more impact, wider reach, and effectiveness using social media;
  • Who should do it (and who shouldn’t);
  • The guidelines and roles a government agency will need; and
  • Measuring success for different stake holders.
Please contact me at or call 0414 233711 for more information or if you would like to register for the masterclass.

I’ll be taking a bit of back seat at this event, but it will give you the chance to hear from two other very experienced people from the Headshift team. Robin’s profile speaks for itself, meanwhile you may not be aware that Anne was the other primary author to the Project 8 guidelines I’ve been talking about a lot recently 🙂

Anne was also the lead consultant for Taskforce Project 15, to assist the Australian Law Reform Commission to run an online engagement pilot with their stakeholders.