Community Management and Government 2.0

I’m attending the Australian Community Managers’ 3rd Roundtable meeting today, in Canberra.

This morning had a government focus, starting with Craig Thomler who spoke about his experiences of managing communities for the Department of Health & Ageing and then facilitated a discussion covering issues such as the use of advertising, viral and organic communities, moderation and risk management.

I then provided an overview of the community management aspects of the Project 8 Online Engagement Guidelines. As I explained this morning, community management – as a function and as a role – is central to the approach we outlined in the guidelines. So far when I’ve been speaking about the guidelines, I’ve really provided just an overview of the whole package of materials and the online engagement framework. This time I had a chance to talk about the chapters 4 and 5 from the Online Engagement Guidelines that cover:

  • Community Management How-To; and
  • Roles and Competencies (and Policies).
I then put some of this theory into context by looking at the Gov 2.0 Taskforce itself and the ALRC pilot as case studies.

Considering all the people and experience in the room today, I was very happy with the feedback to the concepts I described:

This image licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND

This afternoon, @Warlach is talking about his new role at Earth Hour (which is coming up on the 27th March) and later we’ll be hearing from Venessa Paech from Lonely Planet.