The Enterprise 2.0 Breakfast comes to Melbourne

A big thank you to everyone in Melbourne for joining Anne and I for an Enterprise 2.0 breakfast. As always the conversation covered a lot of topics, mostly related one way or another to the topic of ‘Enterprise 2.0’.

Howard Emery (pictured at the back of the group, in a black jacket) provided some conversational inspiration for me, with his recent guest post on the Headshift Australasia blog. As we walked over to Southbank from the hotel in the city, Anne and I ended up chatting about the differences between Sydney and Melbourne (as you do!). Naturally, we ended up talking about one of my favourites topics, which is the idea of treating information environments as a kind of urban environment that people have to navigate through – it raises all sorts of interesting questions about design, planning but also if it is possible to transplant one culture from one place to another. That conversation spilled over into the breakfast conversation, although I also ended up talking about everything from the future of intranets as being about getting things done and the challenges of encouraging senior managers to engage online with each other.

I’m expecting the next Enterprise 2.0 Breakfast will be back in Sydney, sometime in April or May. Stay tuned for details from me or Alex Manchester (over at Step Two Designs) for details.

BTW tomorrow (Thursday) I’m at the second day of the Hargraves Institute’s Innovation 2010 conference, talking about Social Business Design (which coincides with the start of Social Business Summit series in Austin, Texas tomorrow too).