Co-ordinated, Integrated and Embedded #sbs2010


I’m not going to upload all my slides from the Social Business Summit because some of my story today was told before at BarCamp Canberra – you can listen to my entire presentation from BarCamp on SlideShare already to get a feel for the first half at least of my Social Business Summit presentation.

However, I thought I would share this slide, which is based on our work for the Government 2.0 Taskforce but slightly amended to be more broadly applicable beyond government. In fact part of my message today was that the changes and challenges to the organisational structures relate to every large organisation, in every industry. I also talked about our experience of working with the Australian Law Reform Commission as an example of what is involved in helping an organisation to develop its own capability to engage online. It also highlights why moving from an ad hoc or co-ordinated organisational model needs to be supported, to avoid what I call ‘online industrial accidents’ (a reference to my opening comments about the pain and suffering caused by the industrial revolution).