Yesterday’s Enterprise 2.0 for Breakfast: The back of an envelope edition


Unfortunately, due to a last minute family commitment, I didn’t actually get to Enterprise 2.0 to Breakfast yesterday. Luckily Anne from Headshift stepped in to co-host in my place and with a bit of ingenious sign posting was able to get everyone into the same spot. I think that approach is quite fitting for Enterprise 2.0 – a simple, but effective solution to a problem!

If I recall Anne’s summary to me later, the conversation this time around included Alex Manchester (Step Two), Kai Riemer (Uni of Syd), Matt Moore (Innotecture), Neil Phillps (Unique World), Jarrod Swan (IBM) and Alister Webb (Telstra). I know there were quite a few others like Michael interested who like me couldn’t make it on the day, so hopefully we’ll get to see even more new faces at our next meetup in a few months time.