From MIS Australia: Talking change- collaboration technologies

Glenn Archer, Department of Education: Cultural change is the most profound challenge for public servants.

No real surprises in this article, reporting on a series of roundtables held by MIS Australia with local public and private sector CIOs, talking about their experiences with collaboration technologies. It certainly reflects my own experiences with the organisations I’ve been interacting with this year, particularly in the government sector where my biggest concern is that the importance of internal collaboration hasn’t really been debated much in the Gov 2.0 conversation (see Lee Bryant’s excellent post that gets to the heart of that problem, for all sectors).

Unfortunately, no real change on the private sector front, although I do detect a little thawing of attitudes towards employee use of social networking and social media. However, its pretty much been the case for the last decade* that some companies get the value of collaboration technologies (like instant messaging, one of the oldest tools in the current collaboration suite) while others will continue to lag behind.

You can view this as a problem, but personally I think it points more to the fact that those that get the value of collaboration technology have the opportunity to use them as part of their competitive advantage. So the real issue is, are they actually getting those advantages from the tools and technologies they’ve invested in.

Ok. I’m going to say it again… I can’t believe we are still having this debate about instant messaging technologies as if it was something new. There – I’ve done it.