E2.0 conferences, including Mark Masterson on CSC’s C3 journey

I’m only just starting to catch up on the commentary from some of the recent run of Enterprise 2.0 related conferences. I really enjoyed this recording of CSC’s Mark Masterson’s lively and rapid presentation at the International Forum on Enterprise 2.0 held in Milan back at the beginning of June. You can read more about C3 in Claire Flanagan’s case study post, including her slides from the Enterprise 2.0 conference in the US this month.

In fact, a big hat tip to the forum’s organisers as almost all of the presentations appear to be available on Vimeo and many presenters have also shared their slides online. I haven’t even begun to work through all this content.

Meanwhile, over at the Enterprise 2.0 Boston 2010 conference, Dion Hinchcliffe shares his thoughts on that event and identifies his two biggest take-aways:

  • Designing Enterprises for Loss of Control; and
  • Enterprises Are Going Social.

Likewise, you can also watch recordings from Boson online too.

I’m sure there is more I’ve missed, but I’m still working my way through some unread feeds!


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