Confluence 3.3 Sneak Peek – new rich text editor features

I was recently asked what is a fairly frequent question… what’s the difference between the popular social suite software options, aka enterprise wikis, which includes products like Confluence.

Personally I think one of the stand out features of Confluence is its rich text editor + macro capabilities. In some respects, if you aren’t thinking about Confluence with this in mind, then really I’m tempted to ask why are you even considering Confluence. Confluence isn’t just a wiki, its an enterprise social swiss army knife. Or as I like to think about it, its the social computing equivalent of the spreadsheet. 🙂

However, it can be difficult for novice users to get into using macros and other advanced Confluence features. But this sneak peak of Confluence 3.3 from Matt Hodges really shows how its becoming easier and easier for anyone to become a Confluence wiki ninja and make existing ninjas even more productive.