A ‘tipping point’ for social tools on intranets?


Alex reminded me that its time again to announce the winners of what is now the fourth annual Intranet Innovation Awards from Step Two Designs. Of great interest to me was the comment in the media release the accompanied Alex’s note about the awards, where they say:

There has also been a ‘tipping point’ for social tools. For leading intranets in 2010, basic social tools are no longer ‘nice to have’, they’re now standard. This includes site-wide commenting, the integration of blogs, micro-blogging, wikis, and social staff directories, and free-ranging contributions from all levels of an organisation, from the CEO down and frontline staff up.

If a site doesn’t have extensive social functionality, built in from the ground up, then it’s significantly behind the curve of intranet development.

I still think intranets are likely to continue on a slow burn towards being more social. However, the next battle ground will between those that simply add a sprinkle of social features versus those that that try to become truly social businesses, with social computing integrated through out their enterprise systems.