How stories from real people can give us insight into why things happen

James is a Senior Business and Technology Consultant with Headshift Social Business Consultancy. Headshift is a leading international social business consultancy which helps organisations use smarter, simpler, social technologies to improve business performance, communication and customer engagement.

Both James and Professor Hasan gave examples of using IT in the health sector not just to collect vast amounts of statistical information to tell us what is happening but stories of real people that can give insight into why things happen.

James described the UK website ‘Patient Opinion’ where patient stories, the majority of which are positive are guiding new directions for the health system.

Follow up media release to my presentation at the University of Wollongong’s SInet event. I was asked to focus on health care, so as well as Patient Opinion I also shared some Australian examples of how the Web is being used to help people with mental health issues to share their stories:

I also talked about some work that Headshift is involved with working with an organisation that is trying to improve how community services are being delivered to families, which also has an impact on their overall health and well-being. I explained how user-centred design can be complementary to the social innovation process.