Chromaroma – the gameification of public sector information

Pick up Items.
Complete Collections.
Take on Missions.

The city is vast, and there are many ways
to play it. From ambient play which enhances
the journeys you already take, to more
exploratory fare that will take you to places
perhaps you didn’t know existed.

Gov 2.0 app building competitions that build on transport system time table data are one thing, but how about an online social game that uses your journeys as the currency?

Well, this is this idea behind Chromaroma. It utilises the data collected by users as they move through London’s public transport using their smart card travel passes.

For more of an overview see this Guardian piece or listen to this episode of their Tech Weekly podcast.

Chromaroma’s creator, Toby Barnes, also make some good points about gameification and how there is more to it than simply “points and badges”.

As a side note, I wonder if we’ll ever have the guts or initiative to try something like this here in Australia?

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