Proof of Social Media Life


Wow! I just realised I haven’t blogged for most of this month…

Before you jump to conclusions: No, I haven’t given up on blogging – I don’t think I’ve been that active on Twitter either but meanwhile Facebook (for the first time) has been getting a little more of my attention. And, I’ve been actively avoiding the hype around Quora – can I suggest lmgtfy instead?

Actually, what has been happening is that since the end of my summer holiday (here in Australia) I’ve used my spare time helping out with the site and then a short period of overseas travel.

Finally, what you won’t see from the ‘outside’ is my participation within the Headshift and Dachis Group’s social networks (our wiki, social booking marking, online chat and microblogging network).

Attention and participation in social media is just like a currency. Attention share, just like wallet share, means that sometimes we need to invest our attention differentially. Also, where and how we spend our attention currency might not always be visible.

Image source: To be careful your wallet!! CC-BY 2.0