Will O’Farrell modernise NSW with some help from Government 2.0? #gov2au #gov2nsw

As Barry O’Farrell and the Liberal and Nationals Coalition assume power in New South Wales following the state election over the weekend, it would be nice to think that Government 2.0 might be on his mind. Certainly, he comes with promises to:

“overhaul government online and mobile phone information and set up a 24-hour one-stop-shop to improve state interactions with the public.”

There is more here on the Microsoft side of the story, although I would caution against more big bang IT infrastructure. Building Government 2.0 isn’t like building railways or roads (although I wouldn’t say no to better wifi and wireless internet access on the train).

He needs to be thinking of small pieces, loosely joined and using Government 2.0 to reconstitute how the state innovates and delivers services. Government 2.0 is not about applying a veneer of social media over current infrastructure.

Will this happen? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next 100 days.