Enterprise Gamification

As this presentation highlights, gamification in the enterprise isn’t new and its easy to over simplify things by thinking its all about badges. To me, this boils back down to properly understanding intrinsic and extrinsic motivators – something we used to worry about a lot in knowledge management.


2 thoughts on “Enterprise Gamification

  1. Nice slide find James. I hope the ‘Enterprise’ tag doesn’t stick – ‘Gamification is an ugly enough term without it, although I don’t mind it as others do. Good point re KM and motivators. One of the best gamification examples I’ve seen so far is from Sabre, which basically boils down to being a Q&A and expertise finder, enhanced by gamification (and it works spectacularly). Article here: http://www.alexmanchester.com/alexmanchester/2010/07/enhancing-the-intranet-w

  2. Great post. The Sabre example is interesting, because having seen the same technology platform perform with lack lustre results I think it really highlights that you can’t be lazy about using gamification as a motivator to participate.

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