Don’t Miss the Bigger Picture #sbs2011

I’ve said before, that its interesting how people latch on to ‘Social Business’ but not ‘Social Business Design’. It reminds me of both the long winded debates in the knowledge management community about the nature of ‘knowledge’ and in other circles when I’ve met marketing folks who only want to talk about promotion. In both cases, my reaction was that they were missing the bigger picture.

Cross posted from the Headshift Asia Pacific blog, my reflections on the Social Business Summit 2011 (I attended the Summits in Sydney and Singapore).


One thought on “Don’t Miss the Bigger Picture #sbs2011

  1. It’s easy to think that you can plug 2.0 tools and concepts into your exisitng business design and that they will just work. Well, they’ll just work – but with any new technology you should be looking at what improvements you can make to the basic processes.

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