Pseudo messaging in Dropbox with Chatbox


A nice little hack for Dropbox users (currently only supported on Mac). I was initially nervous about giving a 3rd party app my Dropbox login details, however this app doesn’t actually require your credentials to work – it writes the text messages directly into your Dropbox folders, stored in hidden folders and files. Just like any kind of file or folder, these messages files are then sync’d to other users who have access to your shared folders. BTW Its important to note that this system doesn’t look tamper proof, although Dropbox’s own audit trail should track edits to the message files.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from saving a simple text file into a folder – either in Dropbox or any filesystem or DMS. However, Chatbox gives you a nice interface to make it work a little more neatly.

I hope they resist the urge to make Charbox bloatware – its worth remembering that Lotus Notes started off as a simple text file system like this. 🙂