From Anecdote: The problem with ‘motivational speakers’

So called ‘motivational speakers’ don’t motivate people to change behaviour.

Throughout my career I have been involved in organising, planning and developing a huge number of away days, events, conferences and the like. When you start working on ideas for the agenda, more often than not someone will suggest getting a ‘motivational speaker’ along. This suggestion is normally met with everyone getting very excited, throwing in ideas of who they could get and checking budget to see if it is possible. Everyone that is, except me.

Why am I so resistant to this idea? What it is about the whole concept of ‘motivational speakers’, whoever they may be, that I just don’t seem to get or be enthused by?

Simply put I don’t think they do what they say – motivate, and especially motivate people to change.

You don’t motivate people to change; you just need to involve them as participants instead.