Goodsie. What MYOB-Google’s Atlas could have been.

Launched with good intentions (and its a massive market if you can crack it), I wasn’t particularly impressed with Atlas, the MYOB-Google joint venture to help small business owners developers get a Web presence. Jodie Miners reflects a lot of my reaction at the time.

Goodsie on the other hand is everything that Atlas could have been. By coincidence (or perhaps not?) Goodsie was created by the team behind, which was an alternative I suggested for a simple Web presence.

BTW Its not clear from the pre-sign up information and examples for Goodsie, but the site does support Australian and other non-US currencies. You just need to configure this in the site settings.

I’d also recommend checking out alternatives like (like, WordPress, Tumblr, Posterous and even Drupal Gardens if you just need a Web presence, rather than an online shop.


One thought on “Goodsie. What MYOB-Google’s Atlas could have been.

  1. Thanks for the mention.Goodsie looks great. It is very similar functionality to the simple E-Commerce WordPress plugin that I used. Pricing wise – if you just have a shop front, it would be similar to paying for WordPress hosting. But WordPress then has the other features such as the blog / news about your store and ALL of the other plugins (eg a map to find the local stores – easy – a free plugin does that). The bottom line is, that if you have a simple product range and simple requirements – these type of sites are great. As soon as you get into needing to integrate your products / sales / stock levels with your accounting system, then it becomes more than these simple offerings can handle. I had not looked at Drupal Gardens before – whilst it looks impressive it just fails price-wise compared to It is essential to have your own domain for your branding. On that is $12/year, on Drupal Gardens that pushes the price up to $99/year and you still can’t remove the “Powered by Drupal Gardens” logo. For $99/year you could get full wordpress hosting (as long as you have learned from the recent hosting provider issues and have backed up the whole site externally). My $0.02 worth, anyway.

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