Do we really want a homogeneous social Web?

According to numbers dug up by Mashable, microblogging newcomer Tumblr has just surpassed the 20.7 million blogs hosted by WordPress–explosive growth since it only hosted around 7 million blogs as recently as January. Exponential growth like this means it’s probably just the beginning of many record-breaking events.

Fast Company writer, Kit Eaton, sees competition between the growing community on Tumblr and other popular services like and Twitter.

I’m always slightly bemused about the drive towards creating single dominant social platforms on the Web, with a single prescribed method of sharing. Just look inside companies and you’ll see the cost of homogeneous information systems.

I’m glad that Tumblr is growing, but this short form, visual-orientated style of blogging (what you might recall was once also called “microblogging”) is just one option. For example, there are other fantastic communities, like Pinterest, that draw on creative content from across the Web regardless of the platform. Should Pinterest be more like Tumblr?

And lets put Tumblr’s in growth in perspective: Facebook has more than 500 million active users (actually, its higher… basically its big. Really big). If that’s the case, isn’t this the real competition?


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  1. JamesI find it interesting that my Teen has been talking in recent weeks & months about how her mates are getting into Tumblr for sharing – pics etc yet 6 months ago there was no mention of it from the Teens …. interesting ?

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