Elgg – Better than SharePoint My Site?

We’ve recently profiled MITRE’s social networking site, “Handshake,” as one of the best that we’ve seen. The name “Handshake” alone conveys the intention of MITRE to create an online experience that mimics those we have in person. CEC members, you can dive deeper into the case study and learn why it works better than your average SharePoint MySite or other clunky technologies.

Interesting comment, on a post about how MITRE measures the impact of its internal social nework. I’ve blogged about it before, as like Broadvision’s Clearvale platform it also runs on Elgg.

Unfortunately the detail for this comment is behind a membership paywall, but based on my experience of Elgg and SharePoint I would caution against assuming this means Elgg is better than SharePoint as a whole. Elgg’s architecture is built around people primarily, where as SharePoint is built around information and data. The nuances are important and could well justify the original comment, but not against either platform being better than the other.