Carbon Tax and Social Media


This isn’t a particularly in depth piece of research and analysis, but I thought it might be interesting to see how well some of the different carbon tax social media channels were engaging with the community. I don’t have Website stats to hand, but I did look quickly at Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers as a proxy measure.

At this stage the SayYesAustralia coalition, with the most visually appealing site of the bunch, appears to have captured the lion’s share of attention on Facebook.

Twitter has been active, but generally speaking it doesn’t look like people are interested in following these organisations/groups. I did notice that in Geoff’s opinion, Twitter just isn’t the right space for this kind of debate.

I’m not sure if the government’s own site is meeting expectations, but at least on the Facebook and Twitter front it isn’t doing much better than the apparently less resourced efforts of the anti-carbon tax groups. Bear in mind, there is a multi-million dollar ad and public education campaign running along side the social media channels.

Looking at YouTube separately, the government’s most popular video (which is quite good) has been viewed over 6,700 times – but SayYesAustralia’s most popular video has been viewed nearly 80,000 times. Both these initiatives are of course supporting the carbon tax policy.

The government’s channel may well be doing much better on simple Website stats of course.